Meet The Host

Meet WiL Turner,  As an LGBT activist, humanitarian, social ambassador, the founder of Fusion40Fitness, Dallas Voice best trainer, a lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, motivational speaker, and the host of Cocktails and Conversation with WiL; WiL deeply believes that the power of conversation, collaboration service to community, fellowship and cause are the key ingredient to nurturing social progress and acceptance. In order to move humankind forward, we ourselves must be willing to change. Communities are built and nurtured through meaningful interpersonal relationships in real time, compassion, collaboration, and one’s contribution to the causes they believe in.

WiL strives to embody his own ideology of community through leading by example and cultivating the relationships of a diverse network of friends which transcends social barriers. WiL has seen the personal and social growth inspired by bringing people of different races, ages, orientations, genders, and professional backgrounds together for conversation, cause, collaboration and service to the community.. WiL’s cause for founding the Cocktails and Conversation with WiL social networking platform, serve to educate and to broaden the perspectives of those whose views are narrowed, while breaking down social barriers through thoughtful conversations, which need to be had as it relates to hate and  discrimination against those socially marginalized and addressing social matters which affect us all.